Focus on your Future Vision

Now that you’ve allowed more energy and attention to flow to you and through you I imagine you are more turned on to life, aren’t you? Now is the moment to honor your past as a valuable source of lessons, and release the heaviness of pain. Now is the time for you to commit to the future vision that truly inspires you and that allows you to bring your full self to the world. This is the time to declare that you will create the life you most desire — it is yours to claim! 

This is the best year of my life! Today I honor my past experiences & as useful lessons for a fuller life & enriched relationships.

Morning Ritual

Morning Affirmation (Set Your Intention)
Music:  “Rain” by Grégoire Lourme

Set your intention

Before getting out of bed, take a few minutes to fill yourself with positive emotions by taking five deep, slow breaths. As you inhale, feel the oxygen lovingly filling your lungs. Accept and receive the air with an attitude of gratitude for your precious body. 

After connecting with your body and breath, set your intention for the day by stating the energy or emotion you wish to feel today.

Finally, end the morning ritual by saying out loud today’s affirmation.

Midday Ritual

Music:  “Rain” by Grégoire Lourme

Perform the Body Scan.

This afternoon you will perform the body scan meditation. Whether sitting at your work desk, taking a break in the car, or relaxing on the sofa, tune into your body, inch by inch. Lovingly bring your attention to every part of your body, slowly, deliberately just allowing your attention to rest on your skin. Go deeper and feel the life and energy of your body. From your feet to your head, take your time to tune into your body and silently bless each body part. Thank each organ for doing its job perfectly. Lavish mental praise on your skin, your nerves and your sense organs for bringing you pleasure through your body and imagination.

Take this loving appreciation and grateful attitude into the rest of your day.

Evening Ritual

Evening Ritual (Focus on Your Future Life)
Music:  “Rain” by Grégoire Lourme

Journal Time: What are you committed to?

Tonight you will take five to ten minutes to do deep breathing as your transition from workday to rest time. For this last day of the program, get out your journal and begin to make a list of commitments. You will write down the areas of your life you are committed to maintaining your loving focus on. You may write down the parts of your body that you are committed to loving, no matter what.

Write down the ways that you will continue to behave going forward. With your newfound or renewed confidence, describe just how you will live as a fully orgasmic, sensual being.

After you’ve written down the key areas of your life that will be focal points for the future, perform the Future You Meditation.

Future You Meditation


Visualize Your Orgasmic Self

This special meditation is meant to bring you additional focus, clarity and energy to mold your brain and direct your mind in the direction of a truly orgasmic life. Each time you perform this meditation the scenes and characters can change. You are only limited by your creativity! Consider this a way to manifest what you truly desire in your life. Open your mind and heart to living as your future orgasmic self, by first imagining it with full sensual reality.

No Music

 Music : “Awakening” by Michael Logozar – Contemporary Piano

Music:  “Exit Project- Closer to the E” by Tunguska Music Society

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