Focus on Present Wisdom

Our past experiences — whether of success or setback — have no real power over our present. How you think, talk and look at your past determines your experience. Since we beautiful humans are meaning makers and expert story tellers, have a look at the lessons you’ve learned along the road of life, and consider the outcomes as proof of wisdom you now possess to make new choices.

The power over your experience of life already exists within you. It is waiting to be used wisely! 

I look upon my past with wisdom. I realize every experience has led me to this present moment. Today I see the newness in each moment & each experience.

Morning Ritual

Morning Affirmation (Set Your Intention)
Music: “Perfume” by Adult Only

Set your intention

Before getting out of bed, take a few minutes to fill yourself with positive emotions by taking five deep, slow breaths. As you inhale, feel the oxygen lovingly filling your lungs. Accept and receive the air with an attitude of gratitude for your precious body. 

After connecting with your body and breath, set your intention for the day by stating the energy or emotion you wish to feel today.

Finally, end the morning ritual by saying out loud today’s affirmation.

Midday Ritual

Midday Ritual (Acknowledge Past Lessons)
Music:  “Perfume” by Adult Only

Openly Acknowledge Past Lessons.

Take a break around lunchtime to become quiet, still and centered for a few minutes. Take five deep cleansing breaths, once again connecting with your body, filling your lungs with life-giving oxygen. Actually sense and feel gratitude for your lungs’ ability to welcome the oxygen and feel grateful for your heart pumping the oxygen-rich blood throughout your beautiful body.

Today, share with a friend in person, over the phone, on social media or via email one lesson you learned from a past mistake and how you’re living in the now with more clarity. Explain how you’ve released the drama and heaviness of the past and how excited you are to be free right now. No need to relive the situation or even explain it in great detail. The most important piece is the takeaway, the lesson or the insight that now informs your present choices and boldness.

Really make the effort to bask in the joy of having a personal “Aha!” moment that has changed your perspective or way of being. Don’t worry about this appearing as though you’re showing off or bragging. If necessary, you can always explain that, “Dr. Andrea made you do it.”

Evening Ritual

Music: “Perfume” by Adult Only

Journal Time: What have you observed?

Tonight you will take five to ten minutes to do deep breathing as your transition from workday to rest time. Then spend 15 or more minutes reading erotic literature.

Allow yourself to write in your journal the observations about what has changed significantly in the last couple of weeks. Have you become more bold in conversations? Do you feel more comfortable in your body? Are you more able to ask for what you want? Do you find that you can derive more pleasure from simple things? Make a note of what has already shifted or changed for you since reading this book or starting the 21-Day Program for Orgasmic Bliss.

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