Focus on Inner Wisdom

Now that we are at the end of week two, reflect on whether you have been able to feel, sense and even trust your inner sense of self. Have you noticed any hints at a deeper insight, a gentle knowing of what your body needs? Are you more in touch with an understanding that the deepest part of you, the spiritual or nonphysical side, is actually very aware of how you could experience more joy and ease in life?

With each breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater insight into my life. Today I acknowledge the source of inner wisdom that always has my back.

Morning Ritual

Morning Affirmation (Set Your Intention)
Music: “New Fine Day” by Inod

Set your intention

Before getting out of bed, take a few minutes to fill yourself with positive emotions by taking five deep, slow breaths. As you inhale, feel the oxygen lovingly filling your lungs. Accept and receive the air with an attitude of gratitude for your precious body. 

After connecting with your body and breath, set your intention for the day by stating the energy or emotion you wish to feel today.

Finally, end the morning ritual by saying out loud today’s affirmation.

Midday Ritual

Midday Ritual (Focus on Your Sense of Hearing)
Music:  “New Fine Day” by Inod

Focus on Your Sense of Hearing.

Take a break around lunchtime to become quiet, still and centered for a few minutes. Take five deep cleansing breaths, once again connecting with your body, filling your lungs with life-giving oxygen. Actually sense and feel gratitude for your lungs’ ability to welcome the oxygen and feel grateful for your heart pumping the oxygen-rich blood throughout your beautiful body.

This afternoon you will really pay attention to the sounds in your environment. You may choose to play your favorite music and really listen to each instrument. See if you can hear the loving attention the musician has put into the piece. If you’re out in nature, listen to the hum and vibration of all that is around you such as the wind rustling the leaves in the trees, the birds singing, and even the traffic noise. Take note of how sound can caress or attack your eardrum.

Evening Ritual

Music: “New Fine Day” by Inod

Self Pleasure.

Tonight you will take five to ten minutes to do deep breathing as your transition from workday to rest time. You can choose to read some erotic literature before or after tonight’s activity.

This evening you will masturbate in front of a mirror. Whether a full-length mirror to observe your entire luscious body or by looking into a smaller mirror to focus your attention on your lovely vulva, you will watch as your hands or sex toys rub, stroke and enter you.

For at least five minutes tonight, write in your journal what you noticed while doing each of the rituals from this week. Are you able to sense that some life force greater than you really does have your back? Can you sense that you are supported and truly free to claim your right to a joyful, expressive life? What new insights have come to you about your life in general and you as a sensual being in particular?

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