Focus on Your Body Rhythms

It’s easy to lose track of the perfect rhythm of life that our body naturally flows with. By programming our lives in artificial ways we operate like robots most of the time! When we allow the body to dictate when to eat, play, rest and recharge, we can unleash incredible healing and creative potential.

I know when to take it easy. Today I honor the rhythms of my body and mind. I grant myself time to reflect, pause and rejoice in my life.

Morning Ritual

Morning Affirmation (Set Your Intention)
Music: “Overlove” by Adult Only

Set your intention

Before getting out of bed, take a few minutes to fill yourself with positive emotions by taking five deep, slow breaths. As you inhale, feel the oxygen lovingly filling your lungs. Accept and receive the air with an attitude of gratitude for your precious body. 

After connecting with your body and breath, set your intention for the day by stating the energy or emotion you wish to feel today.

Finally, end the morning ritual by saying out loud today’s affirmation.

Midday Ritual

Midday Ritual (Focus on Your Sense of Taste)
Music:  “Overlove” by Adult Only

Focus on Your Sense of Taste.

Take a break around lunchtime to become quiet, still and centered for a few minutes. Take five deep cleansing breaths, once again connecting with your body, filling your lungs with life-giving oxygen. Actually sense and feel gratitude for your lungs’ ability to welcome the oxygen and feel grateful for your heart pumping the oxygen-rich blood throughout your beautiful body.

Now eat something delicious that you will savor slowly with the intention of giving yourself pleasure. You must really take the time to be present to the flavor, so do not taint the experience by doing work, checking social media or even watching TV while eating your tasty treat.

Evening Ritual

Evening Ritual (Imagining a Future Based in Passion)
Music: “Overlove” by Adult Only

Sensual Full Body Touch.

Tonight you will take five to ten minutes to do deep breathing as your transition from workday to rest time. Then spend 15 or more minutes reading erotic literature.

Next spend as much time as you like touching your body, from head to toe, with no intention to reach orgasm. Your goal is merely to feel and enjoy your own touch. You can include masturbation, but be sure that you touch your entire body

For at least five minutes, write in your journal what you noticed while doing the rituals. How did it feel to affirm your ability to honor the rhythms of your body ? Do you sense that you can be even more responsible for taking excellent care of your body, allowing rest when needed, saying no to excessive or senseless activity? Take notes to become more in tune and aware of all your sensations and feelings.

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