Day 20: Focus on Truth

Focus on Truth- By now you should sense that you are far greater than your body, your mistakes or even accomplishments. You are a divine spiritual being and any inner dialogue that says [...]

Day 19: Focus on Present Wisdom

Focus on Present Wisdom : Our past experiences -- whether of success or setback -- have no real power over our present. How you think, talk and look at your past determines your experience. [...]

Day 14: Focus on Inner Wisdom

Focus on Inner Wisdom Now that we are at the end of week two, reflect on whether you have been able to feel, sense and even trust your inner sense of self. Have you noticed any hints at a [...]

Day 12: Pause, Taste & Reflect

Focus on Your Body Rhythms It's easy to lose track of the perfect rhythm of life that our body naturally flows with. By programming our lives in artificial ways we operate like robots most of [...]

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